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Newcomers Group Adds $1000 to M-Line

5:43 PM, Aug 10, 2009   |    comments
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JACKSONVILLE, FL -- The Newcomers' Club of the First Coast worked for months to collect Buddy Bucks for our Mammogram Hotline. The idea is to make sure every woman gets a mammogram, even if she can't afford it.

The Newcomers' Club donated more than $1000, enough for ten free mammograms.

Excellent work.

Click on the video to see their strong effort and meet a lady named Linda, another angel who pinned and pinned and pinned.

Linda lost family members to breast cancer.  That's the difficult part of her story.  The joyful part is she's a survivor herself because of a mammogram.  Linda understands how critical mammograms are.

If you can't afford a mammogram, just call our M-Line at 1-877-9-MY-MAMO. The M-Line is our non-profit project with Komen for the Cure North Florida.J

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