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Student drives off embankment while texting and driving

9:52 AM, Aug 6, 2012   |    comments
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GANADO, Tx. -- A college student survived an horrific car accident that happened while he was texting and driving. Now he believes he's alive so he can share his words of warning.

"Honestly I don't remember anything," Chance Bothe said of the crash, which happened in January. The truck he was driving took a nose-dive off an embankment -- crashing twenty feet below.

"Chance never hit his brakes. He went right off the edge," Victoria Bothe, Chance's mom said. "Just within seconds after pulling him from the wreckage it exploded."

His family later learned chance had been arguing with a friend through text messages. One read, "I need to quit texting because I could die in a car accident and then how would you feel?"

"I broke my ribs, my sternum, my neck, my face from here up," Chance said.

Chance also suffered a traumatic brain injury so he went under months of therapy.

"Chance had to learn to breathe again he had to learn to eat again he had to learn to speak with proper voice inflection," his mom said.

This "second chance" gripped his hometown Ganado, southwest of Houston. Family and friends created the foundation, to raise awareness about distracted driving.

"For some good reason God didn't take my life away he left me here," Chance said. "But I like to tell everyone do not text message and drive do not drink and drive or else you'll be in the same situation I'm in."

Chance will continue outpatient therapy to help him reach his goal of returning to school and leading a normal life.











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