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Florida-Georgia tailgating begins as RV City sideline campers increasing by the day

1:49 PM, Oct 28, 2013   |    comments
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JACKSONVILLE, Fla. -- RVs continue to roll into town days ahead of the big Florida-Georgia game. 

Florida Gators and Georgia Bulldogs are racing to the sidelines to score a spot in RV City.

"He beat me by two hours," said Dan Damato, from Riverside.

Damato holds the number two spot. He says number one is defending his title for two years in a row, but we couldn't find the Georgia Bulldog fan who got the first spot. Damato and his wife got to the sidelines Thursday at 8 a.m.

"We've been working for like the last two months on the RV, the golf cart," said Janell Damato, a Gator fan.

L.C. Appling from Atlanta, Georgia, is in his ninth year of tailgating for Florida-Georgia and coincidentally holds spot number nine. He says he actually started the tradition of early tailgating three years ago. 

"It was on a Friday so we came in and said you know there's nobody here where do I park, and she [Appling's wife] said well just park on the street there, so I parked on the street, this was on a Friday, cause normally everybody came in like on Sunday," said Appling. "And two hours later there was like 15 of us in line and that's how it kind of evolved and now they are coming in on Thursday, next year I expect it to be Wednesday." 

Every year fans say the cost of a space in RV city goes up. This year it's 125 per space per day. 

"It was 85 two years ago, 100 last year, and now its 125," said Janell Damato.  

The gates don't open until Wednesday at 8 a.m., but the party has already started.

"That's why we like to be number two because we have this lot that we can have everybody gather here and a place to hang out," said Damato.

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