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Haleigh's Mother's Attorney Says She Met With DCF

8:40 PM, Mar 17, 2009   |    comments
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PUTNAM COUNTY, FL -- Haleigh Cummings' mother's attorney met with case workers with the Department of Children and Families Tuesday.

Attorney Kim Picazio told First Coast News she supplied information she has gathered from people in Putnam County about the homelife of Haleigh Cummings and her younger brother inside their father's house.

Both children live with their father, Ronald Cummings. Cummings was granted custody of the children in 2005.

5-year-old Haleigh disappeared from her father's home February 9th while being watched by Cummings' then-girlfriend, Misty Croslin. Cummings and Croslin have since married.

Picazio said she spent 90 minutes with DCF's attorney, the agency's supervisors in Putnam County, and with DCF caseworkers Tuesday.

Picazio said she does not intend to help Haleigh's mother, Crystal Sheffield, file for custody of the children at this time. 

Picazio said she will wait for DCF to finish an investigation before filing any legal action for custody.

Picazio said she has faith DCF will swiftly investigate the information she has brought to their attention.

Picazio first came to Putnam County last week at the request of individuals helping Sheffield's family.

Picazio said she first took on the case to help Sheffield deal with the media.  She said she then learned about some allegations about the stability and safety of Haleigh and her brother's home.

Picazio has taken the case pro bono.

If you have any information that could help find Haleigh, call 1-888-277-TIPS.  There is a $35,000 reward.

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