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Why the First Coast seems to receive less landfall Impact

12:29 PM, Aug 23, 2012   |    comments
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So, another hurricane season is upon us. Yes, we do live in an area that has been hit by a hurricane before, and will likely be hit  by a hurricane again. But there are some reasons to stress less than those that live in other coastal areas.

As best as we can tell, we have had less landfall impact from major hurricanes than any other portion of the U.S coastline from Brownsville, Texas, to Cape Cod. This is mostly because of our geography -- that is, we have good real estate, which we all know is about location, location, location.

Location point 1: We are at 30 degrees latitude. This is where some of the earliest civilizations developed. North of this point, strong, cold storms inhibited farming and south of this point, frequent tropical cyclones caused problems. But right about here -- the First Coast -- was a spot where most hurricanes stayed to the south.

Location point 2: When the cyclones turn north, the next worst place is to be on a coast that faces south, perpendicular to landfall, such as places like Galveston, Texas, New Orleans, the Florida Panhandle, the Carolinas and Long Island.

Location point 3: The Gulf Stream is about 90 miles east of us. Hurricanes are not in a steady state; they are just a bunch of organized thunderstorms that re-invent the cyclone every 90 minutes. So even just slightly warmer water can determine where a hurricane will regenerate. With The Gulf Stream 45-90 miles east of us, this does help us when steering currents are weak.

There you have it: Three reasons to lessen your tropical stress a bit. But keep in mind we will again be hit some day, so be prepared!


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