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Before, during and after the storm

12:27 PM, Aug 23, 2012   |    comments
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• Secure your home and property. Cover windows with plywood or shutters.
• Secure or bring in outdoor furniture, ornaments and planters. Put rugs and furniture in a high place in case of flooding.
• Unplug all appliances. Turn off gas, water, and electricity at the main source(s).
• Sink pool furniture in the pool. Check door locks and bolts.
• Fill your bathtubs and washing machine with water (to use
to flush toilets and wash dishes, etc.).
• Gather disaster supply kit and keep handy.

• Stay tuned to First Coast News and for weather updates and important information from local emergency management authorities.
• Stay indoors. Find the safest room in your home, away from windows, and stay there.
• During power outages, use flashlights -- not candles, as they are a fire hazard -- and stay tuned to First Coast News on our radio station partners.
• You can also access on your mobile phone or device by typing into your web-enabled browser.
• Stay up-to-date with text alerts, or by calling Weather-Tel at (904) 356-8812.

• If you have evacuated, be patient with re-entry. Do not attempt to return until you receive the all-clear from local authorities.
• Beware of outdoor hazards such as dangling or downed power lines.
• Walk or drive carefully. Debris-filled streets can be dangerous, and washouts may weaken streets and bridges.
• Do not use water until told by authorities that it is safe.
• Guard against spoiled food.
• Take steps to protect damaged property with temporary repairs and secure your home to prevent looting.
• Be sure to leave information for insurance representatives to reach you if you leave your home.
• Contact out-of-area family members to assure them you are alright.
• Stay informed after the storm by watching First Coast News
and visiting

First Coast News

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