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Staying safe in the face of flooding

12:27 PM, Aug 23, 2012   |    comments
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Know What to Expect ...
• Know your area's flood risk. If unsure, call your local Red Cross Chapter, emergency management office, or planning and zoning
• If it has been raining hard for several hours or steadily raining for several days, be alert to the possibility of a flood.
• Watch First Coast News or connect with or FCN2go on your mobile device.

Reduce Potential Flood Damage ...
• Raise your furnace, water heater, and electric panel if they are in areas of your home that may be flooded. Consult with a professional for further information if this and other damage reduction measures can be taken.
• Prepare a family communication plan.
• Prepare a disaster supply kit.

Floods Can Take Several Hours or Days to Develop ...
• A flood WATCH means a flood is possible in your area.
• A flood WARNING means flooding is already occurring or will occur soon in your area.

Flash Floods Can Take Only a Few Minutes to a Few Hours to Develop ...
• A flash flood WATCH means flash flooding is possible in your area.
• A flash flood WARNING means a flash flood is occurring or will occur very soon.

When a Flood WATCH Is Issued ...
• Move your furniture and valuables to higher floors of your home.
• Fill your car's gas tank in case an evacuation notice is issued.

When a Flood WARNING Is Issued ...
• Watch First Coast News or connect with or FCN2go on your mobile device for information and advice. If
told to evacuate, do so as soon as possible.

When a Flash Flood WATCH Is Issued ...
• Be alert to signs of flash flooding and be ready to evacuate at a moment's notice.

When a Flash Flood WARNING Is Issued ...
• If you think it has already started, evacuate immediately. You may have only seconds to escape. Act quickly!
• Move to higher ground away from rivers, streams, creeks, and storm drains. Do not drive around barricades ... they are there
for your safety.
• If your car stalls in rapidly rising waters, abandon it immediately and climb to higher ground.

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