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Jordan Davis' parents pushing for more signatures on petition

8:31 AM, Dec 18, 2012   |    comments
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Jordan Davis was shot in a dispute over loud music on November 23, 2012. Davis was in a parked car with friends in the parking lot of a Gate gas station.
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JACKSONVILLE, Fla. -- The man charged with murdering a Wolfson High School student after an argument over loud music pleaded not guilty in court Monday.

Michael Dunn's new attorney, Cory Strolla, said he is not ruling out using a "Stand Your Ground" defense. The law justifies the use of deadly force if someone fears death or great bodily harm regardless of where they are. Changing that law and similar ones to it across the nation is now the mission of Jordan Davis' parents.

Lucia McBath, Davis' mother said, "We believe the time is absolutely ripe at this time to garner as much support as possible to go forward."

With just 15 days to go Davis' mother is hoping to get about 20,600 more signatures on an online petition calling for "Stand Your Ground" laws across the nation to be repealed. If the goal is reached by January 1st White House staff will review the petition and issue an official response.

"The fight is not just for Jordan," McBath said. "It is for all the babies, all the individuals who just recently lost their lives. It's for everybody else that might lose their life, might become victimized by these laws."

Ron Davis, Jordan Davis' father said, "If it was just about Jordan then we would just close up shop and go home because nothing is going to bring our son back, but Jordan is telling us as parents, fight for the other parents out there that still have their children. You still have a son, a daughter, a niece or nephew. We're fighting for you, and you have to help us fight for you."

Dunn's attorney said his client acted in self-defense.

Cory Strolla said, "It's going to come down to character and credibility, and our position is that Michael Dunn has character. He has credibility. He is a law-abiding citizen. He has never been involved in an action like this in his life. He has never had to draw his weapon. He's never had to fire his weapon. Nobody in a position of Michael Dunn has ever been put in a position like he was that night."

But Jordan Davis' parents call their son's death senseless, and while they say they are grateful for the prayers and the support they've received, what they want now is peaceful action that they hope will lead to a change in legislation.

"We don't expect that change will happen over night. We know that it won't...We know this is a long walk. We know, as I've said before, people are going to jump on and jump off. That's okay. We are here for the long haul, and we have determined that for the rest of our lives this is what we do, Jordan's walk. This is what we do. Somehow some way we will make Jordan's life and his death something that was not done in vain, not just for him but for every voice, every victim, that didn't get a chance to cry out," said McBath.

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