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Healthy Body Image

2:10 PM, Jun 3, 2011   |    comments
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Emily Hoffman, Clinical Dietician at Memorial Hospital, provides tips on how to get a healthy body image.

Do you know anyone who is truly happy with their body? In our culture today, we are taught that our body has to be a certain size and shape to be beautiful. With models that are 6 feet tall wearing a size 2, it's no wonder we have issues with our body image.  Personally, I don't know anyone who can meet those standards.  Our culture tells us that how you look defines who you are, so if the goal is a size 2 or rock hard abs, how do you have a healthy body image?  Believe it or not, a distorted body image is prevalent in people who are underweight and overweight alike.  No matter your weight, you aren't safe.  As you lose weight, it can be a battle to gain a healthy perspective on how your body looks.  Wherever you are on your weight loss journey, getting a healthy body image can help.  Here are a few truths to keep in mind and ways to improve and maintain a healthy body image.


The truth is, you are not your body; but rather your body is just a part of you. You are so much more than merely a body- a unique individual with gifts, talents, thoughts, feelings and a soul. Separate your identity from your body. You are not fat, try saying you have fat thighs instead.


Believe in yourself.  You are your own worse enemy; those negative thoughts that swirl around in your head are only bringing you down.  Avoid the negative self talk and be deliberate.  Practice positive self talk.  The truth is that only you can change your attitude. You have the ability to change how you feel. Being a certain size is not what will make you happy, but rather deciding to accept yourself and changing your attitude will.


People like being around positive people. Choose your friends wisely.  People who are positive and believe in you will help you reach your weight loss goals.  Watch out for people who are obsessed with the way they look. You will become like the people you surround yourself with.


Dress for your body.  Don't dress for what you want your body to look like or for what your body used to look like: Dress for right now.  You will lose weight, and as you do, you owe it to yourself to feel the best in what you wear.

The preceding information was provided courtesy of Emily Hoffman, Clinical Dietician at Memorial Hospital.

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