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12 Who Care: Bob Franskousky

7:03 PM, Jul 5, 2005   |    comments
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JACKSONVILLE, FL -- They pile out of the van in the afternoon and head into the Beaches Boys and Girls Club and Bob Franskousky knows it's the best place for them to be. "If these children weren't here they would be somewhere else and it's much better to have them in a supervised environment." Bob has found it's a great place for his talents as well even if his basketball skills aren't the best. Yet he's the secret weapon of the Boys and Girls Club and so many people know it. According to Chandler Evans, Program Director of the Beaches Boys and Girls Club, "He's the person that really will go that extra mile for you. He's a person you can call on and one that really demonstrates what a leadership role is." So much has been done because Bob, a Merrill Lynch financial expert, uses his talent to find money for the Boys and Girls Club at the beaches and gets things done. Unit Director, Michael Austin says of Bob and his efforts, "He's setting up, working and driving toward refurbishing the entire club." The old kitchen at the club was in need of work and Bob found a way for it to happen. According to Deborah Verges, President of the Northeast Florida Boys and Girls Club, says, "We knew that obviously needed money to make the project happen, we needed manpower to make the project happen and he knew how to coordinate all that." The club is a place that gets better every year because Bob says he gets something out of it. "Coming to this club in the afternoon and see the kids smiling faces and when the walk in and they see the new kitchen it's the wow factor on their face." When the kids play ball with a couple of guys in suits there might not be a lot of talent there but there is a friend in their court. That's why Bob Franskousky is one of 12 Who Care.

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