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12 Who Care: Mary Covin

4:23 PM, Oct 7, 2005   |    comments
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Food and love two of the basics every human needs, fortunately there are people like Mary Covin making sure people on the First Coast have those needs met. Tonnie Blakely, Volunteer Coordinator Baker County Council on Aging, says of Mary, "She's been volunteering at the council since 1982, delivering meals." But that isn't all. "She takes people shopping, goes and buys them things if they can't shop, she does sewing repairs for them." Juanita Page, a Meals on Wheels client, says, "If she can do something to help you, she'll help you." Mary says her desire to help comes from her Midwestern upbringing. "Mother always helped wherever she could and dad was always working with everybody. It's just inbred." Mary also believes that it's important for her clients to have pets. "Companionship, somebody to love them. Somebody to always be there." So, she helps clients adopt animals and digs into her own pocket to help them take care of their pets. Says Blakely, "Mary just goes far beyond what you would expect a volunteer to do. She just has that compassion for other people." Beatrice Grissett, a Meals on Wheels client, agrees, "She's always concerned about how you're getting along and how you're feeling. I consider her a great friend." Mary says, "There are so many that do so much more than I do, but I hope that what I do helps in some way." It does help, it helps a lot and that's why she is one of 12 Who Care.

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