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Breast Cancer Suvivor Gets Her Hero

5:58 PM, Aug 24, 2009   |    comments
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JACKSONVILLE, FL  --  Ever slept on a mushy mattress?  How about when your back is killing you already?

Nina is trying to recover from a double mastectomy and make it through reconstruction, a painful process for her. Her 15-year-old mattress is too broken down to support her.  She says it feels like a big "hole."

The problem is she's losing sleep.  Nina says she's up into the wee hours of the morning until she finally collapses from exhaustion.

Nina needed a hero.  We met her on Buddy Check 12 Day, August 12th.  Nina called our new Mammogram Hotline to get a free mammogram and that's how she found her cancer.

We had generous offers on Hero Central to help her.

Thanks to everyone willling to step up and be a hero.

One man in particular, James Taylor, had the perfect combo for Nina.  His company, Quality Express Delivery, had a new mattress and box springs abandoned by a mattress maker.

So his crew brought Nina the brand new mattress on their delivery truck, hauled it inside, and explained they just wanted to help.

James put it all in a nutshell.  He said they could help, so "why not?"

Nina was thrilled.  She graduates Concorde Career Institute this fall and she hopes her next hero will be an employer willing to give her a job.

She's training to be a medical clerk or receptionist. 

If you can help find her employment, put your name in  "BE A HERO" on Hero Central on

Hero Central is our new project to connect people.  We're working with the United Way.

If you don't have a computer or internet, you can call United Way at 211 if you need a hero.

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