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Hero Dentists Is Helping Our Second Patient

5:58 PM, Jun 14, 2010   |    comments
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JACKSONVILLE, Fla. -- Gwen kept it a secret as long as possible.  Then she couldn't take it any more.

So she reached First Coast News Jeannie Blaylock through Hero Central on

Gwen showed us how she was making homemade teeth out of superglue and Q-tips.  She says the cotton would harden and stay in her mouth as a "tooth" for about a day.

Gwen lives on the Northside and cares for her father, who's had a stroke.

She would like to get a job, but she believes no one is interested in her because she has so few teeth in her mouth.

Enter our first Hero Dentist:  Dr. Anthony Corral at the beaches. 
Dr. Corral donated his skills and time, along with Harmony Dental Lab in Lavilla, to get a new set of dentures for Gwen.

Her story shows Gwen beaming with her beautiful new teeth.

Now Gwen says she'll go job-hunting. Her second goal is to lose weight.  She hadn't eaten an apple, she said, in 10-15 years because she couldn't chew it.

She realizes her diet of soft cakes, cookies and sodas was not healthy. She wants to lose weight now that she can eat fruits and vegetables and salads.

Dr. Corral and several other dentists are forming the core beginning of our Hero Dentist team.

If you can be a Hero Dentist and choose which cases you can take, please email Jeannie Blaylock at

If you need dental work, but you can't afford it, there might be help for you.

The Hero Dentist program, however, cannot help everyone because resources are limited and the work is strictly volunteer.

If you want to see if you might qualify, put your name under BE A HERO on Hero Central on

You can also email Jeannie Blaylock at

Please read the following financial criteria to see if you might qualify.  AND PLEASE be patient.  Volunteers are calling folks one-by-one and that takes a lot of time.

It will be beyond our reach to help everyone, but the goal is to help the best we can.

Hero Dentists

We have a generous team of dentists willing to help.  Of course, it would be impossible to get to everyone.   So the Hero Dentist project will only consider patients in desperate financial situations.

If the above criteria are met, you may qualify for acute dental care.


First a patient must meet the following criteria:


1) No Dental Insurance

2) Over 18 yrs old

3) Family Income 200% at or below the Federal Poverty Guidelines (see chart):




















For each additional person, add



Further screening will be done by a phone interview to determine eligibility.

Again, our Hero Dentists are giving their time and materials and they cannot help everyone.

You should receive a phone call within a few weeks to ask you more questions.

Please, please be patient.  This is strictly a volunteer effort.

Hero Central is our project with the United Way to connect folks so we can all help each other.  We know you are hurting and need help.  We promise we'll do our best. 

Hero Dentists is only for adults.  But if you can't afford dental care for your children, you might try the Department of Health.






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