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Jacksonville Doctors Set Up Help for Haiti Amputees

7:00 PM, Feb 4, 2011   |    comments
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JACKSONVILLE, Fla. -- The television special, "The First Coast Stands Up For Haiti," is inspiring folks to help people affected by the Haiti earthquake walk again.

In the United States, a new prosthetic leg costs between $5 and $50,000. However, Jacksonville medical experts have figured out how to make legs in Haiti for only $300.

If you'd like to help sponsor a leg, any size donation is welcome. Write the check to The Crudem Foundation.

The Crudem Foundation runs the hospital in Milot, Haiti, where Jacksonville doctors have set up a permanent prosthetics lab to make new legs for earthquake amputees. For more information about Crudem's non-profit status, go to its website.

Mail your checks to:

APO Prosthetics
3728 Philips Highway
Suite 222
Jacksonville, FL 32207

Any questions? Email Jeannie Blaylock at She also would like to hear about any fundraising project you create to help amputees walk again.

APO is handling the donations and making sure all the money goes to the project to make new legs in Haiti. The donation is a tax deduction.

Amputees are given free physical therapy along with free legs. If the amputee is a child, he  will get new legs each year, or as necessary, with growth.

Each leg takes about 16 hours to make because it is custom made for each amputee.

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