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Mother-Daughter Team Rescues 40 Animals in Six Months

4:53 PM, Oct 19, 2011   |    comments
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JACKSONVILLE, Fla. -- They take in animals who have run out of chances.

The mother-daughter team's passion is saving lives and giving abandoned pets a new home.

Four months ago, a husky was found injured and emaciated at an abandoned home.

"It happens all the time," Perrin Fisher, a pet foster parent, said. "Where people foreclose on their homes and they leave and they leave their loving pets...and they just assume someone is going to step in and take care of their pet."

But no one did. It was weeks before a neighbor realized the family's dog had been left behind.

The husky was out of chances and deemed unadoptable.

Until Perrin Fisher spotted the timid dog, missing most of her coat, in the back room at Clay County Animal Control.

"I tend to have a weak heart for dogs that are probably in the worst condition," Fisher said.

They took her in, and named her Sheba.

Fisher's mom, Linda Stevens, instilled a love of animals in her daughter from a young age.

Now, the mother-daughter team fosters animals; they've rescued, rehabilitated and then found homes for over 40 in just the last six months.

"Fostering does not take...a lot of time, and it doesn't mean you're fostering for a year," Stevens, who has a full-time job like her daughter, explained. "You can foster for a week, you can foster for less. It just means it's an interim time that you're making a difference.

"Her eyes are what just hit me," Fisher said of Sheba's eyes.

Four months later Sheba is at a healthy weight and regaining her coat.

"She's just a thankful, wonderful dog," Fisher said.

Sheba is now ready for a permanent family thanks to the heroes who tirelessly nursed her back to health.

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