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Four things you should never tell your boss

8:19 PM, Jul 25, 2013   |    comments
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LITTLE ROCK, Ark. -- In an ideal world, the details of our personal lives wouldn't matter nearly as much as our performance and productivity on the job. But the cold, hard truth is employers may still make decisions based upon details of an employee's life. Here are four things you should never tell your boss.

Check out the full list from 10 Things You Should Never Tell Your Boss

1. Night life - Whether you're reading bedtime stories to your kids or hitting the bars every night, your boss shouldn't know anything about your night life - unless it includes taking classes in your field or doing extra work from home. If you can't complete an after-hours work task due to a hot date, it's best to simply say that you have other obligations. Keep the personal drama at home.

2. Religious beliefs - If your job duties entail something that violates a religious belief, you should speak up. You don't necessarily need to be specific with your boss; you can simply indicate that the task at hand violates one of your beliefs. If possible, present an alternative solution.

3. Political affiliation - The quickest way to alienate people in a mixed crowd is to talk about politics. First of all, you risk offending co-workers and your boss while creating an uncomfortable work environment. Even if your boss treats you equally, political prejudices still exist and could easily work against you.

4. You're working another job - Many people work second jobs, including freelance positions. If you have an annual review with your boss and they cite a decrease in your performance, your boss could easily point the finger at the time and energy you're spending working at the second job. Don't give anyone any excuses to question your work ethic.


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