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GMJ in the kitchen; Sushi Rolls

8:28 AM, May 26, 2012   |    comments
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Ultimate Spicy Tuna Roll (1 roll)


3oz cooked sushi rice

1 sheet nori

3oz fresh tuna

1 oz cucumber, seedless, cut in 2" julienne

1 ea spring roll wrapper

1 Tbl mayonnaise

½ tsp Sriacha sauce

1 oz Ponzu

pinch Cajun seasoning

1 green onion, slivered, green only



  • Mince half the tuna and mix with the mayo and sriacha.  Adjust the sriacha depending on how spicy you like the roll
  • Spread the sushi rice evenly over the nori
  • Flip the nori (rice side down) and spread the minced tuna on the nori
  • Add the cucumber evenly across the center of the tuna
  • Roll and shape using a sushi mat
  • Slice the remaining tuna thinly and top the roll with the sliced tuna
  • Dust with Cajun seasoning and sear with a crème brulee torch
  • Finish with ponzu, sriacha, and fried spring roll strips



Valentine Roll


2 ea imitation crab stick

3 oz cooked sushi rice

1 sheet nori

¼ avocado

1 oz cucumber

1 ea kiwi, peeled

1 to 2 strawberries

1 oz mayo

½ tsp sriacha

1 oz sweet chili sauce



  • Spread rice evenly over the sheet of nori
  • Flip the nori (rice side down) and arrange the crab, cucumber and avocado across the nori
  • Roll and shape with a sushi mat
  • Thinly slice the kiwi and strawberry and arrange on top of the roll
  • Dot with sriacha, spicy mayo, and sweet chili sauce

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