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Pumpkin Crusted Tilapia

4:59 AM, Oct 6, 2012   |    comments
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Pumpkin Crusted Tilapia


4 cups of pumpkin seeds, roasted and salted

2 cups of Panko

2 - 3 oz. pieces of Tilapia

1/8 tsp of salt and pepper mix

1 tbsp of season wondra flour

1 tbsp of egg wash

4 tbsp of pumpkin seed crust


Cooking Instructions

1.  Place pumpkin seeds and panko in stainless bowl and lightly cursh by hand.  You still want to be able to tell that they are pumpkin seeds. 

2.  Season fish with salt and pepper mix.  Following a standard breading procedure: dredge in flour, the egg wash, then pumpkin seed crust. 

3.  In a clean sauté pan over medium heat, heat olive oil.  Panfry Tilapia on both sides until golden brown.  Transfer to a cold sizzle platter and finish in the oven.  Remove from oven when completely cooked through. 

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