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How Vistakon reduces workplace stress

10:45 AM, Apr 12, 2013   |    comments
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JACKSONVILLE - Are you frazzled by something at work? You're in good company. 

Stress levels continue to rise at jobs across America, The 2013 Work Stress Survey conductive by Harris Interactive shows 83% of workers are stressed out on the job due to heavier workloads and low pay.

Paltry paychecks are the one of the top stressors with 14% of adults ranking low pay as the most stressful aspect of work. Low pay shared the top spot with unreasonable workload. Annoying coworkers and commuting tied at 11%followed by working in a job that is not a chosen career at 8%.

At least one company here in Jacksonville is giving its employees an outlet to not get so stressed out at work. Vistakon, the Johnson and Johnson company that makes contact lenses, encourages its employees to stay healthy during their work shift.

One group of workers has been running together for up to an hour each day near the Vistakon campus on the Southside. They not only get a good work-out but they also get work done by conducting meetings while they pound the pavement.

"It helps us meet and discuss things. It also helps us stay healthy and active and it helps us throughout the day to stay focused," said Mike Fowler who works in sales analytics at Vistakon. 

"It could be anything from full discussion of contact lens to marketing and anything like that," said fellow employee Carter East. Mark Sanderson said running helps solve problems, "So if we have issues, we talk about it for a little bit and go for a run." 

The whole idea of employees staying fit is a Vistakon credo. "It fits in with our mentality and our motto of what we're trying to do here as well," said Doug Lilac who's a raw materials manager.

Vistakon also has a large work out facility, offers aerobics and provides its employees with both an indoor and outdoor track at its campus.

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