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Elderly victims shaken after home invasion

9:37 PM, Jul 19, 2012   |    comments
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JACKSONVILLE, Fla. -- Police have a man behind bars, who they say broke into an assisted living home and stole from the elderly.

27-year-old Grady Hunter is under arrest.

But residents at the Taylor Apartment Complex on the Southside are still shaken.

One victim says when the burglar came in, the first thing he did was cut the emergency chord, so she couldn't call anyone for help.

"He told me first, I don't want to harm you," she said.

80 years old, she's strong and spirited, but still scared.

While her alleged attacker, Grady Hunter is behind bars, she doesn't want to be identified, the memories are still too fresh.

"He said money, money, ID. And I said I don't have any money, you have the laptop. And he said no, money. I said I don't have it," she recalled.

For a moment she thought he would leave. So she held her breath, and waited.

"I was like this, I don't move. But then, all of a sudden, he comes and turns me around! And I was afraid, I said God, I will not survive, it's my time to go," she said.  

"He spoke to her, tied her up around the hands and feet, put something around her mouth to keep her quiet," said Chief of Detectives Tom Hackney.

Hackney says Hunter took her credit cards, cell phone, and laptop.

They were able to track him down after he tried to pawn a ring from the first victim.

Hackney says both elderly women lived in the Taylor Apartment Complex, but Hunter could have targeted two other women involved in similar crimes.

"It's pretty terrifying thought for anyone to have a burglary, but then in the middle of the night," said Hackney.

The second victim waited for two and a half hours for help, certain it would never come.

"That is a reality of life, you never know when you have to go. And when I saw that, I said it's the end," she said.

She says she finally got the courage to go back in to her bedroom a week after the attack, but she still can't sleep.


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