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Bible Saves Man's Life

12:12 PM, Nov 8, 2006   |    comments
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By Ryan Duffy First Coast News JACKSONVILLE, FL -- A tiny Bible is being credited with saving a man's life. But this isn't a story about faith. A lot of people feel God's word will save their lives. And for Bill Henry it did. "They stepped out from behind the dumpster, one shooter and one man behind him. I dropped my bags, they fired twice," says Henry. The shooting happened early Monday morning while he was at work. He was taking trash to the dumpster when two men stepped out and fired two bullets in his direction. Bill figured they missed him, but one round actually hit him square in the chest. "We got to looking and that's when we noticed the two bibles in my shirt pocket were hit with a single round," says Henry. The other bullet passed right through his hat. The thing is, Henry doesn't usually carry a bible. But on this day, at this particular time, he was returning them to a friend. "I know it was divine protection, can't think of any other reason for it."

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