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It's Unanimous: Jacksonville Jaguars Sale to Shahid Khan Approved

4:59 PM, Dec 14, 2011   |    comments
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Barely two weeks ago, Jaguars owner Wayne Weaver announced that he'd sell the team to Shahid Khan, the man who was blocked from buying the Rams last year.

Today, the sale became official.

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The NFL's 32 team owners, in a unanimous vote, have approved the sale.

The approval was not a surprise; last week, the NFL finance committee also unanimously approved the sale.

The next step, according to Wayne Weaver the day he announced the sale, is for the deal to close, which he said would be Jan. 4.

Shortly after the vote was announced, Jacksonville Mayor Alvin Brown issued a statement:

"As mayor, I welcome Mr. Khan to Jacksonville and encourage all of our residents and Jaguars fans to do the same. Mr. Khan's stated commitment to keeping our team in Jacksonville has done so much to energize the Jaguars' fan base and create a tremendous sense of optimism about the future of the team.

"Mr. Khan gives us an inspiring story of how hard work and determination are key ingredients in personal success. I hope he will decide to make a home in Jacksonville. Downtown would be a great place to live.

"As mayor, I'm committed to helping Mr. Khan. The Jaguars are our team and as a city we should do everything we can to make our new team owner and his family feel welcome.

"I also acknowledge Wayne Weaver for doing the due diligence in selecting a successor who would honor Jacksonville's interests in remaining an NFL city. As we enter this new era for the Jaguars, I want to thank Wayne and Delores Weaver for their many years of ownership of the team and leadership in our community."

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NFL owners gathered in Dallas for a quarterly meeting will vote on the bid to buy the Jaguars.  Though a 75-percent supermajority is required, the vote likely is a formality.  This process unfolded behind the scenes for months before Weaver let the Khan out of the bag; if it wasn't going to be approved, it never would have been announced.

"I am really optimistic that we are going to get thing done and you are going to have a great new owner in Jacksonville," Weaver recently said, via the Florida Times-Union.

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Last week, the league's finance committee approved the deal, a key step toward the official sale, which if (when) approved will become effective on January 4.

Jaguars fans have welcomed the move, thanks to comments from Weaver indicating that Khan plans to keep the team in Jacksonville.  During last week's Monday night game at EverBank Field, fans wore fake handlebar mustaches as an homage to Khan's trademark facial hair.

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