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Georgia Gov. Nathan Deal says no sex questions for kids

12:40 PM, May 29, 2013   |    comments
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ATLANTA (WXIA) -- The state of Georgia has passed on nearly $2 million of federal funding, after the governor declined to include questions about sex on a survey to teenagers in public schools.

Annually, the Centers For Disease Control  provides a Youth Risk Behavior Survey to middle schools and high schools nationwide.

On each survey there are a series of questions about students' sexual history.

Governor Nathan Deal has opted to leave them out.  According to a spokesperson, Brian Robinson, the governor was not comfortable asking 12 year old students about sexual partners and condom use.

"The governor does not think Georgia parents want their children asked such explicit questions," said Robinson.

The federal government requires that states include at least four of the sexual history questions in the survey to be eligible for an estimated $1.8 million dollars in federal funds for STD and HIV prevention.  The money would have been provided over the next five years.

Robinson points out that Georgia has received that sort of funding in the past, but this is the first year the money was tied directly to those sexual questions.

"We have not included those questions about sex since the early 1990s because many kids didn't even fill that portion out and there's no way to tell if others were telling the truth," said Robinson.

There are four states that do not include the sexual questions on the Youth Risk Assessment Survey:  Georgia, Louisiana, Utah and Virginia.

Some states opt to only include some of questions.  At least four have to be included to be eligible for the federal money.

Some say avoiding survey questions about sex shows the state is simply burying its head in the sand.

Georgia Equality, a lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender advocacy group. Spokesperson Jeff Graham said not only does the CDC need updated data about teenagers and sex, but Georgia sorely needs the federal funds.

"We can't just ignore the problem. Teens are having sex. These are basic questions that deal with STD and HIV prevention," said Graham.

Multiple choice questions on the 2013 Middle School Youth Risk Survey include:

Have you had sexual intercourse?

A. Yes

B. No

How old were you when you had sexual intercourse for the first time?

A.  I have never had sexual intercourse

B.  8 years old or younger

C.  9 years old

D.  10 years old

E.  11 years old

F.  12 years old

G.  13 years old or older 

How many people have you had sexual intercourse with?

A.  1 person

B .  2 people

C.  3 people

D.  4 people

E.  4 people

F.  5 people

G.  6 people or more

The last time you had sexual intercourse, did you or your partner use a condom?

A.  I have never had sexual intercourse

B.  Yes

C.  No

To see the 2013 National Youth Risk Assessment Survey questions for high school students click here.


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