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Kirby Smith Teacher of the Week

8:27 AM, Mar 11, 2009   |    comments
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JACKSONVILLE, FL -- A Kirby Smith Middle School teacher is a collector of antiques. She has all sorts of interesting items in her classroom and she uses her collection to help teach U.S. History.

Lee Brooker teaches 8 graders in a large classroom filled with all sorts of interesting things. "I love my classroom and all my stuff."  She has all sorts of things she's collected through the years like a butter churn and an old iron meatgrinder. "When we talk about the Colonial period we incorporate that into our lesson," said Brooker.

She's been a teacher at Kirby Smith Middle School for 7 years. A U.S. History teacher for the past 6.  "I love my job. This is my second home."

She is passionate about teaching and she is also quite colorful. "I love color.  My students know I love color. We work with color pencils and even crayons because it brings things to life."

One of her 8th grade students, Kenneth Martin, nominated her for Teacher of the Week. "She's nice and kind. She cares about all of the staff and the students and I'm learning a lot."

Principal June Marshall says Brooker is an organized and dedicated teacher and was thrilled when she learned Brooker was a First Coast News Teacher of the Week. "Awesome because Mrs. Brooker is an excellent teacher. I've known her for six years and I value the quality she's giving her students every day."

Brooker is constantly thinking of new ways to teach her students and keep them interested in history. Some might consider middle school students some of the most challenging students, but not Broooker. "They can also be some of the most lovable and I love my kids. Some of them call me Auntie Brooker. I love what I do."

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