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Cassie Sikes, Mandarin Christian School Teacher, is Our Teacher of the Week

5:25 PM, Mar 17, 2010   |    comments
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JACKSONVILLE, Fla. -- Not many first graders would know how to send in a nomination for 'Teacher of the Week', but one 7-year-old figured it out with the help of her mom. Her teacher, Kassie Sikes, is our Teacher of the Week.

Seven-year old Averie Kammerdiener nominated Sikes for Teacher of the Week.

"She's a good reader and she's very smart.''

Sikes teaches at Mandarin Christian School and reads to her students at the end of the day. The students said they don't just listen to the story, they are also learning about the different parts that make up a story.

After the story, the students will put together their own book, complete with pictures, sentences and even chapters.

Kammerdiener's mother, Chantelle, helped with the nomination but said it was all Averie's idea and words.

"She told me what to say. I typed it but it was all her words," said Chantelle.

In the nomination she wrote, 'I think she should be Teacher of the Week because she is a good reader; she makes the voices of the characters when she reads to us. She also listens to us. She is very patient and kind.'

Sikes has been teaching for four years, three at Mandarin Christian School and said she really loves teaching first grade because they learn so much in just one year.

"One thing I really try to do is make the kids realize we're here together and we're here as a team and when things come up we can talk about it."  

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