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Douglas Anderson Teacher of the Week, Nicholas Serenati

10:33 PM, May 19, 2010   |    comments
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JACKSONVILLE, Fla. -- One local high school recently held its annual Spring Film Showcase. It was a film festival and the films were all produced by students with the help of their teacher. That teacher is our Teacher of the Week. 

Nicholas Serenati is not a typical teacher, he doesn't teach the basic subjects like english, history or math. However, all of those subjects come in handy in his class. 

"We really try to cover a broad spectrum, a big brush stroke of curriculum - everything from cinematography, to advanced post production and film theory," he said.

Serenati is the Cinematic Arts Instructor at Douglas Anderson School of the Arts. His students are producing some amazing films and documentaries. One of them was recently invited to a national film festival in Seattle. 

"He's been a big part of all three films I've made," said senior Tori Dailey. 

Serenati's students said he's very hands on and creative, but he said it's his students who are creative and have helped him become a better filmmakers. 

"This supports my practice because I get a lot from the students. They're incredible. They have this imagination and creativity that's really inspiring." 

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