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Florida voters reject 8 of 11 amendments

3:19 PM, Nov 7, 2012   |    comments
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TALLAHASSEE, Fla. -- Florida voters offer a resounding "no" to state lawmakers on many of the proposed constitutional amendments on this year's election ballot.

Voters rejected eight of the 11 amendments. All of the proposals were put on the ballot by lawmakers.

Voters defeated a ban on public funding for abortions that would have stripped away some constitutional privacy rights for Floridians. Supporters hoped the measure would help pave the way for a parental consent law for minors who want an abortion.

Another amendment allowing lawmakers to give tax dollars to religious groups failed.

Florida counties are applauding the defeat of Amendment 4. It would have lowered the cap on tax increases for second homes, offered a tax break for first-time homebuyers and prohibited a homeowner's tax bill from increasing if the market value dropped.

Counties argued the measure would have hurt local governments that depend on property taxes to provide services.

"We really feel like the voters spoke out last night that they want home rule in their counties to be making decisions at the local level and they want a common sense tax policy, which Amendment 4 just wasn't," said Cragin Mosteller of the Florida Association of Counties.

Mosteller says Amendment 4 would have shifted more costs to Florida's homeowners.

"We want to work with our legislators to develop a policy that works for all of our governments that provides the services and meets the demands of our citizens."

Voters approved three amendments that will offer property tax breaks to military veterans, families of first responders and soldiers killed in action and low-income senior citizens.

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