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A Modern Day Grinch Stole all of a family's Christmas presents and killed the family dog

8:34 AM, Dec 18, 2012   |    comments
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Jacksonville, Fla.- Heartache for a First Coast family. They say someone stole their Christmas presents. First Coast News David Williams spoke with the family who says this grinch took more than just their presents. That Grinch stole more than just Christmas. They killed the familiy's dog. Now, the family wants answers.

"When I pulled up to the yard, it was my dog on the side of the road dead," said Monique, who's identity we won't reveal. Her Jammes Road home was broken into late last week.

She had just come home from a sleepover Saturday. What she saw wast was her dog, British .

"That was my 6th child. I have 5 boys. That was my 6th child," she said.

According to a police report, Monique said Friday night someone shattered the rear sliding glass door to get inside.

"My Christmas tree was on the floor," she said as she looked at her tree with nothing underneath. "My kids toys was gone."

Six hundred dollars in gifts for her 5 children...gone.

"I struggled to get the little bit of things that they already did have. So, now to recover all them gifts, is hard," she said.

She said it was a modern day Grinch.

"I really hope that they catch the people that's doing it. That's the part that I really hurts. I don't want nobody else to go through what I just had to go through," she said a she wiped away tears.

Pamela Miller lives nearby on Jammes Rd and said someone tried to break in Monday morning.

"I believe there's certain areas around here that have a lot of crime going on and it's just escalating to the houses," Miller said.

First Coast News asked the Jacksonville Sheriff's Office about that. A spokesperson said they'd have to research the answer. According to the JSO website...there were 3 home breaks ins in the Jammes Rd area this past month. You can see how many instances of crime there were in the last year.

"It hurts and to see your kids go through it as well," Monique said.

Monique said this Christmas will not be easy for her or her family.

First Coast News

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