Authorities were called to the Crestwood Suites on University Boulevard after 2 a.m. Tuesday by callers who reported hearing screaming and growling from a room on the second floor.

Responding deputies found the victim naked, covered in blood on the floor of the trash room. He was going in and out of consciousness as he tried to describe what happened, officials said.

According to the sheriff's office, the victim had bite marks on his hands and stomach and was bleeding from significant lacerations on his genitals. He also had eye gouging injuries and injuries that indicated he had been hit in the head and face.

He was taken to Orlando Regional Medical Center.

Deputies arrested the suspect, Priscilla Vaughn, 29, who was naked with blood on her face. She growled at deputies, they said.

At the hospital, the victim told police he met Vaughn on and picked her up to go Applebee's and get something to eat.

When they got back to the hotel, she invited him into her room where they smoked marijuana, drank alcohol and Vaughn snorted Ecstasy, deputies said.

She began to give him oral sex, which is when things turned violent.

The victim said Vaughn started biting his penis and testicles.