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Woman arrested for letting disabled husband rot

8:49 AM, Jul 17, 2013   |    comments
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PINELLAS PARK, Fla. -- Pictures of Greg Tillman and his wife Sharon on their Facebook page show a happy, healthy couple. Neighbors would see them around their Pinellas Park home, but about six months ago they quit seeing Greg.

This day, they would learn why.

Greg has been rotting in his bed for months, and cops say his wife let it happen.

"We found medical injuries not from physical abuse, but from a lack of medical attention, and lack of care-giving by the victim's wife," said Pinellas Park Police public information officer Brian Unmasieg.

Police and medics were called to the home to find Greg emasciated and laying in his own excrement- a mere 90 pounds, covered in wounds, bed sores and maggots.

When he suddenly disappeared from sight back in January, neighbors thought it odd.

"I wondered what had happened. I used to see him outside cutting his grass, and then nothing," said neighbor Anthony Leverso. "Sharron was always nice, so I never thought anything of it. I thought maybe they split up, or he moved away."

"She used to come over and ask for things like butter or eggs or money. We always tried to help out because we knew they had fallen on hard times, but I never knew anything like that was going on across the street from my house," said neighbor Tommy DiTommaso.

Outside the home, evidence of a health care nightmare: urine collection bags, soiled gauze, and milk bottles full of yellow liquid.

A pile of garbage sits under the front window, like it was hurled out from within, and the stench of is urine so strong, you can smell it at the front door.

After police went inside, they arrested and charged Sharon with neglect.

"This is not something we usually see. The lack of care and the condition he was living in and was subjected to was deplorable at best," said Unmasieg.


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