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Body of 10-foot hammerhead shark washes ashore

11:40 AM, Aug 27, 2013   |    comments
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INDIAN SHORES, Fla. -- A group of boys made a discovery on Saturday they'll likely never forget. While walking along the beach at Indian Shores the kids found a nearly 10-foot-long hammerhead that had washed up on shore.

"They were going crazy," recounted Jenny Burdick, mother of one of the boys.

The shark was already dead, but Burdick says they had no clue why the shark died.

"We couldn't find any cut or anything so we were trying to figure out maybe it got hot by a boat."

The boys posed for pictures with the shark and eventually Burdick says Florida Fish and Wildlife officials arrived and disposed of the shark in the Gulf.

Brent Winner, a research scientist with FWC, did not examine the shark but says the hammerhead likely died as a result of a catch and release.

"So that's likely what happened. It was caught by a fisherman on the beach or near the shore on a boat, they let it go, thought it would live, it died and washed up on the beach," Winner told 10 News.

Winner notes dead sharks washing up on shore on not uncommon in Florida.

Some hammerheads can grow up to 20 feet long.

Winner says if you catch a shark while fishing, the best thing to do is simply cut the line. He says that will cause the least amount of damage or stress on the creature.


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