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Water rules for a safe Labor Day holiday

4:03 PM, Aug 29, 2013   |    comments
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TALLAHASSEE, Fla. -- With Labor Day weekend ahead, a lot of Floridians are headed to the beach or to the pool for some fun and relaxation.

The aim is to keep it a safe holiday too, because it's been a deadly year in Florida for children on the water.

The Florida Department of Children and Families reports 53 children have drowned this year.

More children drown in Florida each year than any other state.

They can slip away from your attention in the blink of an eye, so it's important for parents, and all adults, to stay focused on kids around the water.

"Drowning can happen when you least expect it, even as quick as turning around to answer a phone or being involved in a deep conversation while your child is at the pool could result in tragedy or death. So parents need to keep a watchful eye on their children anytime they're around a body of water whether that be a pool, a lake, an ocean and for really small children even the bathtub," said Whitney Ray of DCF.

Other reminders include: installing fencing around pools, having door alarms that sound when a child leaves the house, designating one adult as the official "Water Watcher" around the pool and never allowing a child to supervise another child near water.

"Always have an adult or a parent present to watch the child. It's not enough to let another child, an older child, watch the child. You need to be there and if it's a really young child, you need to be within an arm's reach."

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Dave Heller

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