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Body-mounted camera video shows shooting unfold

10:24 PM, Nov 7, 2013   |    comments
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DAYTONA BEACH, Fla. -- The Daytona Beach police chief says his officers did everything right in a shooting that was revealed in body-mounted camera video released Wednesday.

Two officers had body-mounted cameras that captured them kicking in a door and shooting a man who was holding a knife to his girlfriend.

Chief Mike Chitwood says from the moment officers responded to the home on Magnolia Avenue in September, they followed procedures as though they had the manual with them.

They parked a distance away so as not to upset the armed suspect. They assessed the situation outside, clearing away civilians. Then, after hearing screams they got a supervisor's permission to go in.

Jermaine Green, a former local football star, was holding a knife to his girlfriend.

Chitwood said police regret they had to shoot anyone, but his officers used their training and ultimately saved lives.

"They get the OK to go in, and when they go in, they give repeated commands, and you can see the stressful situation they're under. You can see they have to climb over debris. There's no lights in the house," said Chitwood.

Chitwood said when his officers saw Green begin to plunge the knife into the victim's chest, they saw an opportunity and took it.

Some wonder why they fried so many shots.

"We're trained to put as much firepower at the target to stop the threat as possible. You don't fire one shot and say, 'Did I get him? Did I not get him?' In the meantime, she's dead and you're dead," said Chitwood.

The chief said one shot may not always stop the threat and a Taser may have caused the suspect to tense up, injuring the victim anyway.

Green and the victim survived.

Chitwood said Florida Department of Law Enforcement investigators are impressed.

"They even said, 'This is something. This should be used for training because you cops did it by the numbers,'" said Chitwood.


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