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Bird found in Bradenton with arrow in its neck

10:02 AM, Dec 29, 2013   |    comments
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BRADENTON, Fla. -- Wildlife rescuers spent the day trying to rescue a turkey vulture after somebody shot an arrow right through its neck.

It all started when wildlife volunteers spotted a photo on Facebook of a bird with an arrow in it. That photo then led them to a northwest Bradenton neighborhood.

"You can see the arrow coming out of the shoulder," says Glen Wiseman.

Wiseman has spent his Saturday trying to make sense of what he's witnessed.

"Birds have a hard enough time already," he says.

Wiseman is a volunteer with Wildlife Incorporated, an organization that works to help injured wildlife.

"Another animal takes one that's different," says Wiseman.

He says this didn't need to happen.

"It's a very serious offense," he says.

All migratory birds are protected under law. And if you shoot one, even a turkey vulture, you could end up paying thousands of dollars in fines.

"Why? Why?," says Tom Hold, who lives in the neighborhood.

He says something like this is uncalled for.

"There's no excuse for it," he says.

By late afternoon, wildlife rescuers worked to get the turkey vulture out of a tree. After hours of trying, the bird flew away, but rescuer Damen Hurd hopes neighbors will flock together to find who did this.

"It's definitely very cruel. We found a vulture in the same neighborhood with red spray paint on it a little while ago. I wonder if it's the same person."

When the arrow is retrieved, they will hand it over to Fish and Wildlife and hopefully they can get fingerprints off it to find whoever did this. For now, if anyone sees the bird, they are asked to call Wildlife Incorporated at 941-778-6324.


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