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Drivers to be ticketed for not yielding to Camden school buses

11:20 PM, Feb 11, 2013   |    comments
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CAMDEN COUNTY, Ga. -- Think twice the next time you try and pass a school bus.

The Camden County School District is beefing up security after they say a number of drivers have illegally passed stopped school buses.

The District is installing small cameras on the buses that capture the front and back of any car that passes the bus illegally.

The problem has parents worried.

"Yeah I worry, I worry constantly and I know our bus drivers are very very good bus drivers but it still worries me that someone may not stop and cause an accident and hurt one of my kids," said Yvonne Morgan, a parent of a young child.

In a one-day survey from last year, the district reported 58 drivers passing buses illegally.

It's a one-second decision that could turn in to a deadly moment.

"Approximately five years ago, there was one child who was hit when a motorist illegally ran the stop sign in the north end of the county," said Chad McCaskill of Camden County Schools.

So the school has partnered with Xerox to put motion-sensor cameras on the buses.

If a driver is caught, they're sent a ticket of $300 for the first offense, $750 for the second, and $1,000 for the third.

The school system is hitting drivers where it hurts, before someone seriously injures a child.

"When people are in a hurry to go downtown St. Marys and they shoot around a bus for what, our city dead ends to a river," said a parent.

There is a one-month grace period starting February 15, but if you pass a bus on March 16, you will get a ticket.

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