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Macon woman uses music to spread patriotism

7:13 AM, Aug 3, 2013   |    comments
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MACON, Ga. (WMAZ) -- A woman in Macon uses music to teach people about her Hungarian culture and past to keep them motivated to protect America's future.

Shirley Brady grew up in Hungary as a baroness, and 65 years ago, Communism kept her family on the run and looking for refuge in Germany.

"A general in Germany saved my life. He changed my name, because the communists kept hauling us back to Hungary, and the Germans didn't raise any protests against it," she says.

Shortly after, Brady married a U.S. soldier, who brought her to America. Since her husband took an oath of service to his country, she decided to as well.

"I didn't want to bury my talent, so I figured I owed that much to America to give them something of my talent."

Her talent is music.

Brady wrote a march for Georgia Governor Carl Sanders in the 1960's, a lullaby for Prince William, and several other songs.

She also paraded her nine children throughout the country to sing for U.S. troops and government leaders.

She says, "if you don't teach your children about patriotism and about this country, we will lose this country."

Many people noticed her efforts, like J. Edgar Hoover, Robert Kennedy, and General William Westmoreland.

Brady has books filled with letters thanking her for her service, but she says her work isn't done.

She moved to Macon from Columbus a month ago and now plans to keep sharing her story and music with groups throughout central Georgia.

Katelyn Heck, WMAZ

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