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Ashley Glassey, half-sister of slain toddler Antonio Santiago, testifies in De'Marquise Elkins trial

5:50 PM, Aug 28, 2013   |    comments
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MARIETTA, Ga. -- The grown daughter of Sherry West testified in the De'Marquise Elkins murder trial on Wednesday that her mother's account of the shooting did not add up.

Wednesday started off again like Tuesday ended -- full of emotion -- with the defense and the state arguing -- and with Antonio Santiago's mother Sherry West on the stand.

Superior Court Judge Stephen Kelley told Defense Attorney Kevin Gough that he will not allow him to cross examine West for three weeks.

"We do not allow filibusters in here," he said.

The defense started with a video for West -- of an interview she did with the media back in March and then asked her about a picture the defense claims West previously said was the killer of her son -- a picture of Dominique Lang, a co-defendant who took the stand last week.

"Did you not answer in response to the question, and it's fair to say of all the people in this pile of pictures here, that picture clearly stands out as the one closest to the shooter and your answer was 'yes.'"

"But I remember saying he looks like him too," West said.

Emotion continued when West's daughter Ashley Glassey took the stand -- with her mother in the courtroom. 

Glassey said she wasn't allowed to come to her brother's funeral.

"She told me 'no you're not coming down here. It's not safe. No no no no no.'"

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