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Dramatic testimony in Guy Heinze Jr. trial Day 6

7:06 PM, Oct 21, 2013   |    comments
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BRUNSWICK, Ga. -- Day six of the Guy Heinze Jr. case continued Monday in Brunswick.

As the prosecution rested there was dramatic testimony from a former employee. Ronald Parker worked behind the trailer park where the murders happened. He testified that he heard Heinze Jr. say he would kill his dad and "kill 'em all".

Parker told jurors that happened after Heinze Jr. heard his dad was giving money to Joseph West, one of the victims, for a shrimp boat.

The defense tried to discredit Parker - saying he was just trying to get his 15 minutes of fame.

Also on Monday jurors heard from two people that were on a 911 call when the bodies were found. Margaret Orlinski and Michael Nixon were near Heinze Jr. when he found the bodies. Orlinski told jurors Heinze looked "nervous, scared, and in shock."

"When I first saw him he was running down the driveway towards my house waving his arms hollering help help help help help," said Orlinski.

Meanwhile Nixon, another neighbor, said Heinze was on the side of the truck and said his family was dead.

"Guy was laying up against the back of my truck saying that his whole family was beat to death," he said.

As the prosecution rested - the defense tried to get the whole case thrown out. Defense lawyers said the prosecution didn't prove Heinze committed the murders.

"What you have in this case coming from the state is a lot of what-ifs, a lot of ask for assumptions, a lot of what could be's, a lot of speculation," said Newell Hamilton Jr. "The fact of the matter is that does not - you cannot rule out other hypothesis of innocence by speculation or innuendo," he continues.

The judge denied that motion, and the defense began presenting their side of the case.

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