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Florida Gov. Rick Scott's 'It's Your Money' campaign: Tax cut tour or election year gimmick?

3:45 PM, Sep 10, 2013   |    comments
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TALLAHASSEE, Fla. -- Gov. Rick Scott kicks off a tour around Florida that he's calling the "It's Your Money" tax cut tour.

But critics are calling it a tour to buy votes for next year's election.

Gov. Scott is visiting cities across the state this week, including Jacksonville and Tampa, as part of his tax cut tour.

He said projections show Florida will have a budget surplus in the coming year, so he wants to cut taxes and fees by $500 million next year.

The governor said he's doing the tour to get ideas from Floridians about what taxes and fees should be cut.

"My commitment is I'm going to find a way to make sure we reduce taxes and fees by $500 million. I want to hear from the citizens. I want to hear from the job creators. I want to hear from families the right way of doing it. I want to work with the Legislature to make sure that we pick the things that are going to continue to build our economy because we've cut taxes every year and our economy has gotten better every year."

Democrats call it an election year tactic to try to boost Gov. Scott's low poll numbers.

Senate Democratic Leader Chris Smith said Scott came into office and cut education, juvenile justice programs and transportation projects, so he should put the $500 million toward those areas.

"There's many other better uses of the dollars that we have than to go out in an election-year gimmick to try to buy votes. We've had to put off (transportation) projects because of the budget. Put that money in the Department of Transportation so we can get some of those projects and take care some of these public safety issues of some of our bridges and that also stimulates the economy."

Gov. Scott said when he came into office the state was facing nearly a $4 billion budget deficit. Now there's a surplus so he said his tax cut policies are working.

Scott takes his tax cut tour to Jacksonville on Wednesday, Tampa on Thursday and Orlando on Friday.

Dave Heller

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