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Does Your Dog Know If You’re Sick? – Buddy Check Success Story

3:52 PM, Mar 13, 2008   |    comments
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By Jeannie Blaylock First Coast News JACKSONVILLE, FL -- You could say Milo is an older gentleman. He's 14. Milo is a beagle/boxer mix and his owner, Mary Foxworth, says he just might have an extra sense. Mary says Milo seemed to know every time she had chemotherapy. "I guess he could smell the chemicals or something," Mary says. Maybe that or maybe Milo could just detect when Mary was feeling lousy. "As long as I was on the sofa, he was there," Mary says. The chemo made her feel like a "dish rag," and so Mary is grateful Milo was by her side. That was almost two years ago, though. Now Mary is feeling 100% and she's telling everyone about Buddy Check 12. Mary did a self exam and found a lump above her nipple. She says her lump was hard and it kept getting larger. In the shower she found another lump under her arm, about the size of a Snausage treat of Milo's. That lump, she says, felt more like squishy, uncooked rice still in the bag. She was more than a little concerned. Mary's grandmother died of breast cancer. And Mary knew, from following Buddy Check 12, that you just can't ignore lumps. Turns out Mary had HER2-Positive breast cancer, a very aggressive type. She chose a mastectomy. "Seeing myself for the first time in the mirror was really the pits," Mary says. "But I'm okay with it now." Mary says her family and her faith were critical. "It's in God's control," she remembers thinking. "No matter the outcome, I'll be okay." The outcome has been terrific. Doctors have found no signs of cancer anywhere in her body. Mary says her prayer has always been to see her children grow up and get married, have grandchildren, and enjoy wonderful years with her husband, Mark Foxworth, a retired JSO officer. So far… so good. Her twin daughters are happily married and her husband is thrilled she's beaten breast cancer. What have I learned from Mary? Sometimes I think, "Oh, no. It can't be the 12th again. Seems as if I just did that stupid check." Stupid? Okay, I'll admit it. I do get tired of checking. I want to believe I'll never get breast cancer and I don't have to mess with all this stuff. But the truth is I could very well get breast cancer, even though no one in my family has had it. Most breast cancers do NOT have a genetic link. Only about 12-15% do, according to breast cancer researchers. So I would be stupid not checking every month. Mary warns all of us to be faithful to Buddy Check. She reminds her daughters, too. And, really, ladies…it's not that hard. It doesn't cost a penny. You don't have to drive anywhere. And you're naked in the shower already, right? By Jeannie BlaylockJeannie Blaylock First Coast News look for any change in your breast. JACKSONVILLE, FL -- Especially if you find a hard lump, call your doctor. And remember only a biopsy can tell for certain if it is or isn't cancer. If you want a Buddy Check 12 kit, we'll mail you one for free. Just call our partner, Baptist Health, at 202-CARE. The kits have reminder stickers for mammograms and self exams. Buddy Check 12 has saved hundreds of local women. If it’s helped you, please send me an email.

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