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Jacksonville Woman Scared Cancer Was Back

12:35 PM, May 13, 2010   |    comments
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JACKSONVILLE, Fla. -- Sher Arbogast found her breast cancer doing Buddy Check 12 a few years back.

She went into a panic mode many women understand when she found a new lump. 

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Arbogast had lost her job and could not afford a mammogram. The choice was to pay the bills and eat, or get medical help, she said. 

But she took advantage of the Mammogram Hotline and was sent to St. Vincent's for a free exam.

Anxious the day of the appointment, she still was optimistic she would be able to text her husband that everything was okay.  Her husband, a trucker, couldn't come.

He wound up having both a mammogram and a sonogram, which the radiologist read before declaring her in good shape.

Arbogast sent a text to her husband within minutes. 


  • If you can't afford a mammogram call our M-Line at 1-877-9-MY-MAMO OR 1-877--969-6266.
  • The M-Line is our non-profit project with Komen for the Cure North Florida.  Many folks around the First Coast donated dollar bills to get the M-Line started.  Every $100 donation means a free mammo for a woman in need.

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