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Buddy Check 12: Be Prepared for Lumps that Feel Differently

6:52 PM, Jan 12, 2011   |    comments
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ORANGE PARK, Fla. -- Zelda Thomas follows Buddy Check 12 and said she always hears women talking about finding a "hard pea" in their breasts.

Not so in her case.

Thomas, 55, of Orange Park said the first sign of breast cancer for her felt more like a texture deep in her breast. It's not easy coming up with an object it felt like, she said, but a wedge of a tomato might be close.

It just wasn't a hard little knot. Thomas, who drives a transport van for wheelchair patients, said she is thrilled to be alive to celebrate Mom's Day and holidays in 2011.

Her co-workers at ATP on Beach Boulevard said they think she's just awesome, always a positive force.

The mom of five and the grandmother of 10, Thomas said she's married to a "wonderful guy, Warren."

She urges women to do Buddy Check 12. In her words, "You are very important to your loved ones...please do everything within your power to stay healthy for yourself and them."

"Thank you, Jeannie for all you are doing with Buddy Check 12," she said. "I truly believe in paying it forward and if just one is saved by my story, it was all worth!!!"

If you find a lump but have no way to pay for a mammogram, call the M-Line at 1-877-9-my-mamo. That's 1-877-969-6266.

For a free Buddy Check 12 kit, call Baptist Health at 904-202-CARE.

If Buddy Check 12 has helped you, Jeannie Blaylock would like to hear from you. You can email Jeannie at

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