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5 Things To Know About Male Breast Cancer

9:27 PM, Nov 14, 2011   |    comments
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JACKSONVILLE, Fla. -- Our Buddy Check success story this month was about a couple near Julington Creek.  Yes, a husband/wife. 

And, yes, the man was diagnosed with cancer, too. So what do we need to know about male breast cancer?

Here are five tips. (Ladies, this could save the life of the guy you love.)

The info comes from Dr. Craig Morganthal, a surgeon at Baptist Health.

1) Breast cancer can happen to men, although it is rare, in comparison to women. Take 100 cases of breast cancer.  Only one will be in a man.

2) Breast cancer in men typically does not cause pain. That's true for women, as well.

3) The most common spot for men to have a malignant lump is in the nipple area.  (For women it's the upper, outer quadrant.)  Steven Noack, our Buddy Check success story for November, found his hard knot under the nipple area. 

4) Men don't catch breast cancer as early as most women do because guys aren't thinking they might even get it.  Noack had two local doctors tell him, basically, not to worry about it.  One doctor, Noack says, told him to come back in three years. 

Morganthal said if Noack had waited that long, the cancer would likely have spread to other organs and might have killed him.

5) The most common age for men to get breast cancer is in the 60s. For women, Morganthal says, it's in the 50s.

Noack was a super healthy guy, always working out and eating salads and veggies. He said his cancer felt like a hard head of a screw and wound up growing over a couple months to the size of a peanut in the shell. 

Typically, breast cancer in men and women is hard or firm.

Noack is doing well now after his mastectomy. His wife, Janet, is thrilled they both caught their breast cancers early. She was faithful to Buddy Check 12 and said the message to "check everything" was huge.

If you want a free Buddy Check 12 kit, just call our partner, Baptist, at 904-202-CARE.  We mail them anywhere in the world at no charge.


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