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Buddy Check 12: Get a second, or third opinion if you need it

11:19 AM, Jul 13, 2012   |    comments
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A little cat was in a house fire in Orange Park. The paramedic that saved his life is Christi Hamilton and Buddy Check 12 saved her life.

"I wouldn't be standing here today ... it was stage 3," Christi said.

Her lump was about the size of a test tube, but it didn't feel like the typical hard knot.

"Actually, I thought it was a pulled muscle," she said.

But listen to what Christi's first doctor told her:

"He told me just to cut out my caffeine and come back and see him in 6 months."
But Christi's a smart one -- no way she'd accept that bad advice

"So I went to another doctor and he kinda blew me off and then I had a lump come under my arm and so that's when I went to a surgeon and he was more aggressive with it."

Now ... the cancer ... the chemo ... all past history.

Christi is at working at the ER at Orange Park Medical Center. So great to catch back up with her. She's been a survivor for 12 years now.

Proof that Buddy Check 12 is so important.

"Girls, you gotta save the ta ta's. You gotta do those checks. And if you feel something, go to the doctor, even if you're not sure. Be proactive," Christi said.

And if you need a second or third opinion, go get it. Be like Christi. Be gutsy. It's your life.

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