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Buddy Check 12: Be your own hero and do a self breast exam

6:05 PM, Sep 12, 2012   |    comments
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JACKSONVILLE, Fla. -- Lori Morgan said the fact that she's been a breast cancer survivor for six years is proof that Buddy Check 12 works. And now Zanda, Mckenzie and Colton still have a grandma around.

Jeannie Blaylock: "Did you every dream you'd have breast cancer in a gazillion years?"

Lori: "No. I have zero chance. Had children young, zero breast cancer in my family, no family history."

But thank goodness Lori did Buddy Check 12 because she said the mammogram showed nothing wrong.

"I do not believe I'd be here today if I had not found it," Lori said.

She found it doing her self exam. It felt like a bead on a bracelet.

So to celebrate and to draw attention to early detection, Lori and two friends started 'The Three Amigas.'

"Buddy Check 12 saved my life," said Lori's friend Brenda.

Lori and her amigas are all survivors and buddies at Blue Cross, and hey, we can learn something from Lori.

Lori found her breast cancer in the upper outer quadrant of her breast, the most common place for breast cancer. So next time you check, don't forget to check there.

The key is: be a survivor. Check check check ... and remind your  buddy.
We're gearing up to celebrate the 20th Anniversary of Buddy Check 12. Can't believe it's been 20 years.

Buddy Check 12 has a brand new Facebook page. Send in your pictures, your advice and read the latest medical news about breast cancer.

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