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Buddy Check 12: Cynthia's Story and 14 Years of Buddy Check

1:01 AM, May 13, 2006   |    comments
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Reported by Jeannie Blaylock JACKSONVILLE, FL -- 14 years ago today, Jeannie Blaylock started Buddy Check 12 on the First Coast. Every single 12th of the month, she's been reminding us it's Buddy Check 12 day. Buddy Check 12 has saved more than 170 local women from dying of breast cancer. The program has also saved many others around the country and the world. Jeannie has another Buddy Check story. Cynthia's doctor told her not to worry about a lump she found but she insisted her doctor check it anyways. Cynthia wants everyone to remind their mothers, aunts and anyone they love to check for breast cancer. Cynthia has fought breast cancer two times and her husband Larry found the lump. Cynthia says her first lump felt hard and round -- it was under her arm. The second time, her breast cancer felt like a row of uncooked beans under her breast on her bra line. The lumps are normal but these felt different, she says. Her husband Larry helped find the lump and encouraged her with prayer. To celebrate the 14th anniversary of Buddy Check 12, the new Buddy Check kits are ready. Just call Baptist at (904)202-care. They will mail it to you for free. A huge thanks goes to Baptist for the 14 years of faithful support of Buddy Check 12.

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