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Local Woman Tells Doctor What to Do

10:18 PM, May 15, 2006   |    comments
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JACKSONVILLE, FL -- Let’s face it. You sit there in that stupid paper gown (Can’t they afford to make them a little bigger?) and you feel awkward. The doctor’s office can be intimidating. The walls are filled with fancy diplomas. You can stare at “Harvard” and “Duke” or those lovely medical charts showing inner parts you didn’t even know you had. It’s obvious you’re not necessarily the smartest one of the moment. So when Cynthia Glover told me what she said to her doctor I thought, “I have to get this lady on Buddy Check 12.” Cynthia lives on the Northside. She’s a Vice President of AmSouth Bank. So obviously she is a smart woman. Still, though, not every woman could handle things the way she did in the doctor’s office. But I’m hoping this story will give us all some extra guts. Quickie background: Cynthia’s husband, Larry, found a lump in her breast when she was 32. Larry compares the lump to the top part of a metal salt shaker--that dome. He says, “It felt smooth like this but round and it just wasn’t normal.” Cynthia remembers the moment well. “It was almost as if I heard something on the inside of me like the spirit of God. You need to have the doctor check,” she says. So she rushed to the doctor. Trouble is the doctor didn’t see the need to check. She was young and healthy. She told him. “Well, you need to check.” Turns out it was breast cancer. She had surgery and years went by. She continued her self exams, just as we advise on Buddy Check 12. Then in her 40’s she found another lumpy area. It felt like a row of beans along her bra line. But guess what? The doctor told her not to worry about it. Now we’re to the punch line. Cynthia looked right at her doctor and said, “I’M NOT ASKING YOU TO CHECK. I’M TELLING YOU YOU’RE GOING TO CHECK.” The doctor checked. Cynthia had breast cancer for the second time. BUT THANK GOODNESS SHE TOLD THE DOCTOR WHAT TO DO! Women, don’t be intimidated at the doctor’s office. I don’t care if your doctor has an IQ of genius. Our woman’s intuition cannot be measured at Harvard. We’re smart about our own bodies. And your inner voice could save your life. Cynthia and Larry are huge Buddy Check 12 supporters now. Both times Cynthia found her own breast cancer. Buddy Check encourages women to do self exams each month, keep up with their mammograms and see their doctors. As Cynthia says, “You need to check. Call your sister. Call your mother.” She says call everyone you love. And husbands remind your wives. Men can check the ladies. Why not? Remember a breast cancer is typically hard or firm. It can be tiny like an aspirin tablet or larger like a walnut. Any change that seems odd means call the doctor. Larry is grateful Cynthia checked. They’ve been married almost three decades. He typed Bible verses on the computer and posted them all over the house to encourage her during chemotherapy. Cynthia chose to have both breasts removed. Now Larry says, “She’s just as beautiful to me.” I say thanks to Cynthia for being gutsy and bold. I hope we all learn something from her. Stupid paper gown or not…speak up at the doctor’s. Meanwhile, do you have one of our new Buddy Check 12 kits? We’re celebrating the 14th Anniversary of Buddy Check 12. Since I started Buddy Check 14 years ago I’ve talked to more than 170 local women who say Buddy Check saved their lives. If you want a Buddy Check 12 kit with pink reminder stickers for your calendar, just call 904-202-CARE to Baptist Health, our faithful partners. We’ll mail kits anywhere in the world for free. Then every 12th of the month remind your Buddy and check yourself. Hooray for Buddy Check 12! Jeannie Blaylock First Coast News, NBC 12- ABC 25

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