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Free Jewelry For Anyone Fighting Cancer

12:14 PM, Sep 21, 2006   |    comments
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Click here for a note from Jeannie By Jeannie Blaylock First Coast News They're beautiful bracelets. Often they sell for up to $50. But a First Coast woman is making free bracelets for anyone fighting cancer. She makes each one by hand with beads. She has pink for breast cancer, teal for ovarian cancer, and gray for brain cancer, for example. She also makes bracelets for children battling leukemia. Lisa Fewox has a friend who fought breast cancer and they decided a pretty bracelet does wonders to make you feel better. I asked Lisa how she's paying for all this. She chuckled and said, "Where's my husband?" Her husband, Vernon, a former Marine, has to be the most supportive hubby around. He's working extra hours to buy supplies for her. If you'd like a free bracelet Lisa is happy to hear from you. Just log onto her website, There is more to this story, though. It's amazing Lisa is still offering the bracelets because her own life has turned upside. She was having headaches. But they went away with a couple Advil. Then all of the sudden Lisa started having seizures. Her husband took her to Baptist Medical Center. Tests found a mass inside her brain. Doctors told Lisa she has brain cancer. Her attitude, though, is remarkably strong. She says she knows she's in God's hands. Click on the video stories to watch The Bracelet Lady and what she may now face. If you want to send her encouragement go to her website, Again, you can order a free bracelet on the site as well.

Special note: When you go directly to Lisa's website you may see a price list. Don't worry! She does have a business selling bracelets. But she is giving bracelets to anyone fighting cancer for free. So go ahead and email Lisa your special request. Just tell her you saw her story with Jeannie Blaylock on First Coast News. If you choose to tell her which type of cancer you or someone you care about it fighting she’ll try to make the bracelet with the color designated for that type of cancer. (For example, pink is for breast cancer.) And please be patient! She and a small group of friends are trying to keep up with the requests. Lisa is thrilled to hear from everyone who's emailed so far. She truly appreciates the words of encouragement. Let me know if you plan to do anything special for Lisa! Jeannie Blaylock

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