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Buddy Check 12: Do Men Get Breast Cancer? Absolutely!

8:02 PM, Nov 13, 2006   |    comments
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By Jeannie Blaylock First Coast News JACKSONVILLE, FL -- Just ask Mac Mccampbell of Orange Park. He knows now. But when his wife encouraged him to go see a doctor he said, "Men don't have breast cancer." Mac said he felt a small, hard lump under the nipple. It felt like a kidney bean. He went to his own doctor, who told him not to worry about it. Mac's wife, though, has followed Buddy Check 12 for years. She knew a lump could mean trouble. So when the lump got sore and grew, Mac went to another doctor. Mac says the doctor "mashed" on his chest and blood squirted out of the nipple area. A biopsy showed Mac had breast cancer. At first Mac was embarrassed to be a man with breast cancer. He told his daughter, "If I die of breast cancer please don't tell people." Now, a few weeks after his surgery at St. Vincent's, Mac is telling everyone men need to do Buddy Check 12, just as women do. Buddy Check 12 has saved several men during the years. Dr. Ryan Perkins at St. Vincent's says, "Most men don't think they can get breast cancer." He says men don't think they have breasts. But from a medical perspective they do. Dr. Perkins says the warning signs of breast cancer in men are simple. Look for pain, a lump or a nipple retraction. Those signs don't mean it's breast cancer for certain. They mean go see a doctor and ask for a biopsy. The most common age for male breast cancer, Dr. Perkins says, is 60 and above. He says African American males tend to have a higher risk but experts don't know exactly why. Male breast cancer, he says, does run in families. Mac is doing great now. He says it wasn't even a painful ordeal. He is just grateful he went to that second doctor for another opinion. If you'd like a Buddy Check 12 kit call Baptist Health at (904)202-CARE. We mail them for free all over the world. The kits include information for men, as well.

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