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Woman Says Divine, 5-minute Message Saved Her

1:16 PM, Sep 21, 2007   |    comments
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By Jeannie Blaylock First Coast News JACKSONVILLE, FL -- Jeanette Scott knows breast cancer typically doesn't hurt. It might be better if women could get a warning sign of sharp pain. But that rarely, rarely happens. So Jeanette says she believes God gave her a shot of pain on purpose. The story goes Jeanette didn't do Buddy Check 12 at first, even though her mom had breast cancer. As time went on, though, Jeanette kept seeing our success stories on First Coast News. So she began checking. She found a lump, which felt like a rib bone sticking up. She had just lost 40 pounds so the "bone theory" sounded logical to her. (At least that's what she wanted to believe.) Jeanette says, "It didn't hurt, of course. But one night, when I started to go to bed, it hurt all the sudden. For about 5 minutes it hurt. I really think that was God letting me know, ‘Don't put it off for another month.' So I called the next day for an appointment." Turns out Jeanette did have breast cancer. But there's good news. Her surgeon, Dr. Jack Crump, says, "I think her chance of a successful outcome in this is very high." Dr. Crump says the cancer was not detected in a lymph node biopsy and that's encouraging. "She should be able to relax and enjoy life normally," he says. Jeanette says she thinks the world of Dr. Crump. He calls her a "wonderful" patient. It's nice to see a case going so well. And why is that happening? Early detection! We hear that all the time, but please don't take that for granted. Jeanette has two teenagers who need their mom alive. She says Buddy Check 12 saved her life. Her chemo, she says, isn't that bad. In her words, "It's temporary." She hasn't even thrown up. A little dizzy, yes, but she isn't flat on her back. Catching breast cancer early is crucial. Believe me. I've interviewed a couple hundred women during the last 15 years of Buddy Check 12. And I've seen it both ways. You really don't want to drag your family through the agony if you can avoid it. So do your self exam. Check for anything odd or hard or suspicious. If your own internal warning bell goes off, pay attention. Also, get those mammograms and see a doctor. We'll mail you a Buddy Check 12 kit for free. Just call our partner, Baptist Medical Center, at (904)202-CARE. We've made this easy for you.

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